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HOW do we feel Good(s) - Week 1

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

(直播中 live streaming)

Han Week 1

There was two significant impetus that happened since this project began. One is the Daily Observation Wave launched, another is the facilitator meeting up.

First, is the Daily Observing homework. Wave suggests the daily work to ourselves is observing the “feeling good” feeling with random objects that I am wearing, using, and operating. what would be the reason for feeling good with that object when it connects to our senses? Also, we could observe other people when they are using( wearing, operating) something, what do we see as the ‘possible’ good feeling when we see somebody else using something.

I found two points during my daily, one is the way of wearing clothes, and another is the body movement. Besides the formal wearing, I am a sloppy clothes dresser. Not only grabbing the random clothes but also inappropriately wearing them.

For example:

When the jacket accidentally became like this:

I wouldn’t pull it on my shoulders, I’ll let it hang on my arms. physically it comes up with a little sense, the edge of the jacket marks an edge line on my arms, one side is hiding another side is showing 'off'. therefore, I considered that, at that snap moment, I successfully play a stereotypical image of a character. like I am a lady who can show the sexy part of my body. And I found that the image, gesture, and body movement of the specific character have a “power” the culture shapes them. But does our culture empower the strength of different genders in satisfied images? and I'm happy with that? Could I say we are in a phenomenon of : all we are carrying Stockholm syndrome?

I haven't found it out, but keep thinking.

(maybe the thought above is the underneath drive in doing my drag)












(團體合照 group photo)

Wave Week 1

Before the official start of the residency on May 20 this year, we had several discussions with each other. Dialogue is the basis and form of our project “feel Good(s)”. Han is a drag artist with rich acting and creative experience, and I'm just a gay who is attracted to drag performances. The project unfolds from our extreme differences: why do I like to watch, but never think of "becoming" the cross-dresser to be watched? What is the charm of drag shows, which are becoming more and more popular in Taiwan as one of the entertainment items?

I started to ask how he prepared, and soon we talked about wigs. He mentioned that there are recognized differences in wigs internationally, which are related to materials, origins, and also involve ethnicity, class, history, and culture. He insists on making the apparel and styling by himself as much as possible, which is an important creative concept for developing a cross-dressing character. Even if using ready-made objects, they have to be combined and processed. From this, I noticed the importance of "hands" in drag performance, which is related to creative imagination and practical power, and even the power to disrupt the established order.

"How do drag performers perform objects that can bring pleasure to the audience and themselves?" This question arouses our curiosity. Our facilitator, Kang, mentioned that his observation of the entertainment of drag performances may be related to regional development and the tourism industry in the world. It may not be limited to the discussion of objects at the beginning. However, if we focus on the object first, perhaps the focus will be on "how to perform" it, and then the question arises: what is the object for us?

For the first week, we designed a live stream with a pleasure consultant to chat with the audience in front of the webcam. For us, a consultant can be anyone, and anyone should be their pleasure consultant. The objects in the small talk may be unrelated to each other. We hope to start from arbitrariness and gradually approach the exploration of "feel Good(s)" in our minds. So, what goods make you feel good? Under what circumstances? And why?






(Wave 抓周 Wave grabbing)

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