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"Albert GARCIA (b. 1994) was born and raised in Macao with Filipino descent, a migrant, dancer and performance maker, who uses the body as a medium for questioning, showing their identity reflections when viewing the land from the other side. He has collaborated with multiple artists in Asia and Europe ranging from performance to visual arts and works closely with Stella & Artist (Macao) where he started his dance journey. 
In 2020, due to the impact of the epidemic, ""JOY"" was developed by a theatre premiere via the clouds, inviting his mother in Macao, together with Albert in Taiwan to perform on a live stage in Macao. This research has allowed him to participate in Singapore Dance Nuclues’s [CP3 Performance Review] and the 2021 Tokyo Festival Farm."

( Macao )


Liu Oi Ki, Sally, was born in Hong Kong and graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, School of Dance. She is now furthering her study and experiment as a choreographer at the National Taipei University of the Arts, Graduate Institute of Dance (MFA in Performance and Choreography).
In recent years, Liu keeps on experimenting with atypical theatrical forms, searching for imagination brought by different spaces, and exploring the dialogue between media and space.
At the same time, Liu also presents her curiosity and observations on social phenomena and issues and creates works with the dynamic aesthetics of dance and the possibility of transforming theatrical forms into images, trying to shape her visual aesthetics from different art fields.
National Taipei University of the Arts
Graduate Institute of Dance (MFA in Performance and Choreography)
Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
School of Dance (Ballet Major)
2021 GenieLab TNUA — Fantasma﹒Merchandise (Dance Film) Want to Dance Festival — Fantasma﹒Merchandise (Site Spectific) Graduate Institute of Dance — Fantasma (Environmental Theatre) 2019 Camping Asia — Out of Nothing (Dance)
2018 Guang Dong Dance Festival — The interval of two points 2.0 (Dance)

( Hong Kong )



A director, performer, and playwright. From field study to documentary film, he keeps exploring his own vision of theatre. His works frequently involve curation idea and multicultural interpretation with lingo language to express the unspoken truth above the generations and community in the society. He works with diverse community, like LGBTQ+, junior high students, disabilities, sex workers.

He had worked with many Taiwanese theatre companies and attended international festivals, such as Sibiu International Theatre Festival (Romania) and Toga Festival (Japan).

2018, his Solo performance, Blue Island 99, was invited to Dublin Gay Theatre Festival and Sydney Fringe, where it received The Critics Pick of the year (2018).

In 2020, his recent work THE WALL was selected in Young Star New Vision supported by National Culture and Arts Foundation. It was a contemporary theatre piece discussed about politics, cultures, and the issue of modern people, dating apps and the desperation of chasing life purpose.

HSUEH Tzu Chieh
( Taiwan )

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