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How do we feel NOT Good(s) - Week 2

Han Week 2

The second live streaming

We decided to choose a material that could be thought about as ‘Queering’ for the concept of ‘feel good(s)’. Therefore, the colorful clay would be the best one. The main approach of this live streaming is a mediation for me, during the period, what we do was ‘play’ with these multiple colors. All the actions made on the clay could leave the images of how it transforms, mixes, or sticks on other objects. Looks fun and queer( but I am not sure what Queer could be defined nowadays ).




Queer colours made accidentally

We made a typical queer colour, but I am wondering why we view this colors as a typical queer symbol.



The body part we use for doing on the clay is hands.

So hm… hands…


Wave Week 2

In the first live streaming last time, we discussed massage guns, plastic gloves, ribbons, combs and dildos. Consultant T gave a lot of profound feedback in a timely manner. For example, the dildo is black and highly elastic, so it will not give people a sense of fear. In addition, the pink ribbon manipulated by Hannah reminds her of rope binding. People who participated online mentioned that when we touch, hold, grab or caress objects in front of the webcam, the action will be magnified. Although small talk is commonplace, it sparks a lot of imagination. Color, function and touch gestures are the focal points we can continue to think about.

In addition to the feedback from the participants, the discussion with our facilitator, Kang, made me think that maybe the pleasure is not just between objects and individuals. What we are looking for is the "relationship" that is more likely to be created through the use and performance of objects. Perhaps the use of a comb can express the intimate state of the two. How would it feel if a ribbon was tied to a baby? There are power differences in the use of objects. From this point of view, how is the gender of the object fixed or changed? When he suggested that we can look for an object that can initiate gender flow, I suddenly thought that maybe we can create events for our hands in conversations (such as kneading dough to make bread), to observe the dynamics of hands, as well as objects and things that are embodied in our imaginations, related to gender.

Han quickly thought of kneading clay. Therefore, we didn’t plan to prepare objects with specific shapes in the second live streaming, and use substances that can continuously change in shape. At the same time, we decided to open the site and welcome everyone to come and become consultant E (everybody). In addition to instantly leaving traces and recording unconscious or conscious hand movements, clay can also become a medium for our continuous transformation of consciousness and discussion. The color and function of the clay can also be changed at any time according to our ideas, continuing the feedback obtained from the first live streaming.

In the second week, we seemed to have moved away from the "feel Good(s)" in our minds and did something that seemed to have no meaning. The second live streaming is expected to be four hours long, and we are not sure if anyone will come. We are confused as to what it has to do with drag performances that we care about. We decided to do it first. How do people perform objects in daily life? And then detect gender? What is that feeling?






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