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what is the meaning of equality in the Lampung Pepadun Tribe? - Last Journal

- do all women want equality?

- who need equality?

- who should fight for equality?

- is there equality in the Lampung Pepadun tribe??

- what if inequality is considered normal?

- what if the inequalities that protect life from encroaching on freedom??

- Is it important that equality exists in the Lampung pepadun tribe??

- bagaimana dengan orang yang menilai baik tentang sikap ketimpangan??

- who is equality for??

- Is the meaning of equality in every nation, city, community or tribe all the same?

I can't answer these questions clearly, and maybe I can't answer it!!!.

The perspective of inequality is something that the people of Lampung Pepadun must live with, with positive and negative answers.

positive and negative things from the perspective of equality are something like side by side (my personal opinion).

Bebai is a term for married women in Lampung society.

For me a person who becomes "Bebai" must be prepared to walk in a narrow aisle, but in fact many women pass through it.

there are things that are emphasized, but in the pressure it gains strength.

This work that I am currently working on, I give the title Bebai, tries to translate the experiences, feelings, perspective of a bebai and my opinion in reading "their" stories.

During the exploration process, dancers and I found many keywords, including:

- Dark

- Listen

- Dominate

- Negotiation

- Protect

- Attract Each Other

- Hierarchy

- source

- Repetition

- Rule


- Coundition

- Encouragement


- composition

- traction

- Between

- Generation

- Intervention

- Affected

- Depend

- control

- obey

and many more keywords that we found.

practice documentation:

Choreographer : Ayu Permata Sari

Dancer : Ayu Permata Sari, Meizal Nadia, Bayu Pramudita

cameraman : Rizal Ari Saputra

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