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The Position of Women & Men in Lampung Pepadun Culture in the Cangget Night Procession-first journal

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

24 - 05 - 2022

13.00-15.00 WIB

Lampung has 2 tribes = Saibatin Tribe and Pepadun Tribe

Ayu = from Pepadun Tribe

For this concept only focus with Pepadun Tribe.

In the Lampung Pepadun tribe, there is a very large event or procession, namely Begawi Cakak pepadun.

Begawi Cakak Pepadun

- The biggest Lampung Pepadun Cultural ritual to get a title in Lampung Pepadun custom.

- the implementation of begawi is carried out for 7 days 7 nights

- carried out at the same time as the wedding procession

- only people who are mentally and economically capable of carrying out begawi.

some processions in Begawi Cakak Pepadun is:

Ngakuk Muli

Sujud Balak Nettagh Cawoan Dipek Sabai

Ngedio Pemandei Rasan

Pekughuk Temui Agung

Malam Cangget

Turun Mandi


But for this process, I just focus with Malam Cangget or Cangget Night

because cangget night is peak night, joy, togetherness, a procession that is eagerly awaited by guests, families, and the society.

Cangget night : featuring dances of girls and boys descended from kings, as well as dances of kings.


I have question , why in this process there is no dance for married women?

why do mothers only accompany their daughters or only sons who dance?


One of the rules in the Lampung Pepadun Culture is :

After marriage, women can not dance again, it is customary rules from Lampung Pepadun culture, because there is a perspective that married women are no longer appropriate to show themselves to the public other than for their husbands. and this is closely related to the concept of muslim / islam.

but I don't want to enter this concept from a religious perspective, I'm interested in seeing and focusing on the experiences, feelings and perspectives of mothers or married women about this situation.

28-05-2022 will come to Cangget Night Procession to interview married women and mothers about their feelings, experiences and views about the absence of dance for married women on cangget night.

I will interview women of different ages.

Video Link - Cangget Night - Lampung Pepadun Culture:


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