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Movement research/ Journal 4 by Hasyimah Harith

Movement research questions:

  1. What is my relationship with my stomach? Before pregnancy / after pregnancy

  2. What is my relationship with my midwife (doula/ mak bidan)?

  3. How does it feel being massaged by my midwife?

  4. What if the mid-wife’s role is replaced by the individual self/ suami/ husband/ partner/ loved one?

‘Lenggang’ is a movement gesture learnt in Malay folk dance. There is a similarity in the swaying of the arms, hips and body of the dancer with the rocking or swaying do the abdomen.

Performance score of Lenggang Perut


  1. Bodies as protest

  2. Self-Touch as necessary pleasure

  3. Solo intervention

  4. One body inviting another body

Visual 1: Massage


  • 7 kain batik

  • Rocking of the abdomen

  • Horizontal body (lying down on the floor)

  • Rolling the coconut to predict (if the mata face the woman, it’s a boy)

Visual 2: Mandi bunga

(Flower bath)

  • Both partners / two bodies/ husband and wife

  • Jug

  • Washing each other

  • Woman kemban, men kain sarong

Visual 3: Makan berdulang

(Eating from the same tray)

  • Both husband and wife / bodies clad in same colour or similar cloth

  • Drink from the same cup

  • Using hands

  • Eating from the same plates

  • End by bersalam-salaman (handshake)

What am I interested to do next?

  • I am interested to deepen this movement research and develop this into a full-length work

  • Work with collaborator in my movement research

  • Interviews with some questions or have a chat about experience and knowledge of Lenggang Perut, prenatal and postnatal massage.

  • My intention / niat for this movement research is to bring awareness and ask questions to our community about lenggang perut

Please add your thoughts or feedback on my working padlet here:

Let’s have a chat! Call me at +65 9145 7560.

Thank you so much for this time together friends. You have all my love sayang! 🤎


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