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Daging (Meat) / Journal 1 by Hasyimah Harith

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Content disclaimer: The following post contains material that may be distressing to some viewers.

Title: Daging (Meat in Malay)

Concept & Performance: Hasyimah Harith

Dates: 13 & 14 March 2021 (21hr@Singapore)

About Daging (Meat)

About the Artist

Credit List

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Performance cue sheet for zoom performance

Photos of zoom performance

Reflections after Daging (2021):

In 2021 due to Covid-19, I attempted my own lenggang perut ritual in my bathtub with my collaborator 28 weeks baby, Noah Sanubari within me. I rocked my abdomen 7 times using 7 pieces of batik cloth. My husband waited outside the bathroom. My friends joined via zoom to witness 'daging'. Only my sister who is based overseas attended via zoom.

  • Had a conversation with my grandmother about her knowledge of Lenggang Perut. My grandmother reminded me to ask permission from my husband in order to do the Lenggang Perut Ritual safely. An act of having your husband's blessings.

  • As my elder sister has gone through 3 pregnancies before, I have seen her go through postnatal massage and therapy in our home. But I have little knowledge about prenatal massage.

  • If this prenatal massage in Lenggang perut ceremony is a way that I can ensure my safety and baby's health, maybe I can try to do it on my own body.

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