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Connect with SEA { Progress Journal } When We Talk about Networking and Creative Process.

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Here we are at the third week of 2022 Connect with SEA (Gender & Sexuality): Residence Onsite & Online! While our international networking has been built and gradually grown, the ideas of each artist team have been continuously exchanged as well.

As the organizer, Thinkers' Studio is trying our very best to reach our goal of creating a networking platform where artists can take their time to freely stir up and discuss their ideas in the progress before we wear the expectation of the results.

Our ideal “networking” is a hybrid platform that emerging artists in Taiwan and Southeast Asia can access to develop their artistic interests together within their team, facilitators, and other international artists. Meanwhile, the artists are well supported by the organization that they are living by. The residency onsite and online is parallelly conducted through several video meetings, social media, website journals and a conceptual presentation. We are also trying to connect audiences to this hybrid access, and make it not just a way to cope with the pandemic situation, but it is also a tool to make our art creative process transparent and easy to access.

Taiwan A group, Han and Wave have pinned their interests on the drag culture and its expansion to our daily lives. Han as a drag performer, and Wave as an audience of drag performance, share a common ground of researching the relationship between objects and bodies. In the previous weeks, they hosted live streamings on social media and invited some participants to talk about the objects that make them feel good.

Why do women need to perform as such “vulnerable” in Teresa Teng’s songs? — is the question raised by Taiwan Group B, Wen-Hao and Yi-Ching . They use their musical theatre background to examine the performativity of female gender roles in the famous songs of Teresa Teng. In this residency program, Wen-Hao and Yi-Ching are currently researching to reinterpret such issues.

While, Singapore A Hasyimah, a Malay-Muslim performing artist, is in progress to investigate the instrumentalized body controlled by the national and religious states. She is currently researching the conversation between the body and the hierarchy from political power.

Moreover, Singapore B Group Ayu. Her curiosity about gender roles in such culture is strirred up by her personal live experience in the Muslim culture in Lampung In this early stage of project, Ayu selected the Cangget Night Procession of Lampung’s Pepadun ethnic groups as a kickstart. In this cultural event, married women are not allowed to dance in public. Therefore, Ayu begins to investigate more by interviewing some women about how they feel.

Last but not least, Jared and Jodee, two interdisciplinary dance artist are interested in the vernacular movement system in urban spaces by exploring different kinds of movements. In the previous weeks, they chose to immerse themselves in the Phillipo folk dance. Some interesting chemical reaction is abot to be triggered.

For more updates and weekly journals from all 5 artist teams, please visit . And stay tuned for our presentation day on the 27th and 28th of June. We are looking forward to having you as part of our network!

By Project Core Team.

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