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Connect with SEA { Progress Journal 2nd } How we get the ideas online and onsite together

We are coming up into the last week before the presentation day. The artists and facilitators are all actively working on their projects, as well as the Artist Administration Assistants (AAAs) and technical team who are also discussing how to carry out the artists' ideas. Speaking of the creative process, facilitators updated the progress of each artist team during the online meeting. From the beginning of the residency period, all artists' idea has been gradually formulated by conversation making with the facilitators. Some of them were encouraged to become more conceptually or practically embodied through action-based research. While others shared performing arts techniques with the facilitators. The more dialogues, the louder they could hear their thoughts. During these few weeks of residency, we found out that the chemistry with artists and facilitators is also an important factor in developing their creativity. Even though some artist teams do not have a chance to meet in person, the constant and casual conversation can also make them know each other more.

After the facilitator's meeting, the execution seems to be clearer by the operational planning with the technician team. one week before the presentation, the AAAs and technical team had a meeting together for making the artist’s idea to be taken place and for providing the best experiences to audiences who will be joining the presentation day both onsite and online. The challenging part is to prepare for both accesses to be conducted at the same time and the onsite events will be performed in 2 venues, Cloud Theatre (online) and Thinkers' Studio( Taiwan)and Dance Nucleus (Singapore) in real life. However, we are excited and glad that we have more options for audiences whether they would like to have a chit-chat and in-person experience onsite or a chill and casual attending online from their home. It is a breaking point in how we bring artistic thinking to people after the pandemic ages.

Recorded 6/24 Final Catch Up Gathering

By Project Core Team

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