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BekiLog [beki backlog]: baklaan formation

Alright so, immediately I apologize for not being active in journaling. I did not expect that my work would take up so much time and headspace that I was not able to give so much time for writing blog entries. I have just finished my semester and submitted grades (I taught five courses so it was really taxing), and have had a break after the ballroom weekend (more on this in later entries). So now we go!

My first meeting for the project with Jodee was fun and interesting! This was not our actual first time meeting though. I have known him from a while back... His company had a collaboration with the company that I danced for and we performed a piece for Fringe. Our conversation initially touched on his background as a folk dancer and as part of the Philippine diaspora in Canada and my own history as a streetdancer and contemporary dancer based in manila. I will talk about some of these things in future entries! :D

Perhaps a favourite part of our conversation was this instagram page called 90s Kabaklaan. Visit it heree This instagram account posts queer material and content from the 90s which I thought was so fun and interesting as it brought me back to my childhood, seeing things that unknowingly have shaped my worldviews, experience, and identity. There was a sense of familiarity and nostalgia whenever I would see their posts.

With this idea, I crafted a playlist of songs that I thought influenced my identity and expression. These songs may also be used as reference or material for the project that Jodee and I are working on. Many of these are 'novelty songs' which parallel the camp aesthetic of 90s kabaklaan. Often these songs are patterned in children's games which have been modified to contain euphemisms in such fun melodies. Some are songs by Pop Divas of the 90s which are popular among impersonators and drag performers. Listen to the songs here:

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