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I never lose to anyone, when it comes to loving you. However, it’s the best for us two. Go back, back to the one who waits for you. I will leave far far away, alone.

Teresa Teng - The Airport


In 1974, the celebrated singer Teresa Teng went to Japan to expand her career in music. Her soft yet powerful voice was loved deeply by Japanese people within a short time. However, her songs in Japan are very different from those in Taiwan and known very limitedly in Taiwan. Compared to her romantic and sweet image in Taiwan, Teresa Teng sang a lot of painful songs in Japan often involving the loneliness of being a mistress.


In 1981, Teresa Teng went back to Taiwan to held her concert for the militaries and was given the title of Patriotic Artist for her resolution of Anti-Communist China by the

government of ROC. Yet her music in Japan was never officially published in Taiwan and her performance in Japan was silenced by the ROC due to uncertified reasons.


The project of Lover is named after one of her songs which tells a story of a happy mistress and Lover is also the song silenced by ROC. We are fascinated by these women, mistresses and Teresa Teng. The project of Lovers intends to look into women under the structure of patriarchy. What do women do within love and the country?

LIN Yi Ching


LI Wen Hao


LI Wen Hao was born in 1989, graduated from National Taipei University for a bachelor degree in law and finished his master degree in performing art from National Taiwan University of Art. His esthetics is a mix of contemporary dance and live art; lately he puts his focus on how conceptual and theatrical languages are expressed by body, object, time and space. In 2021, his work “From Music Cooperation to Interpersonal Cooperation” was nominated for the 20th Taishin Arts Award.

Director & Performer of "Stir-fried Daikon and Pork with Dried Shrimp Flavor"
Director & Writer of "From Musical Collaboration to Interpersonal Collaboration"
Performer of "Dancing with Gutai Art Manifesto, by River Lin."
Performance Artist of "Perspiration, The Era of Compound Eyes Media Art Festival"
Performer of "Dark Heart"

LIN Yi-Ching was born in 1994. She graduated with a BA from Department of Music, Taipei National University of the Arts and a MA from The Graduate Institute of Performing Arts, National Taiwan Normal University. She's proud to be a Gemini.

She majored in vocal during the time in the department of music and got to know the art of musical in the graduate school. She's now working in the musical industry as an actor, a playwright and a composer. To her, the combination of music and drama is what makes musical fascinating. Her lifetime goal is to write a satisfying musical piece and make a contribution to the musical industry in Taiwan.

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CHONG Gua Khee


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