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Since 2020 I have explored the position and role of Lampung Pepadun women in several layers, Lampung Pepadun is one of the original Lampung tribes. The results of my research on the position and role of women in Lampung Pepadun culture have produced two works. The first is Load?'s work, how unmarried adult women negotiate with their own culture, men and their families in making decisions and making choices about their lives. Second, Sebangun Tiga Sudut's work, I continue to explore how the power relations between women and men (husband and wife) in family relationships Lampung pepadun to support each other, so that it is expected to produce a balanced life. In the process of this work, I use the concept of Tungku Tiga Batu, which is one of the Lampung people's philosophies which reflects the reasoning of the Lampung people in displaying order, balance and strength.

In the next process, I want to continue my search to see the position and role of Lampung Pepadun women in the Begawi party on Cangget night. The Begawi party is the biggest party in Lampung Pepadun to take traditional titles which is held for 7 days 7 nights, with the peak night called Cangget night. On Cangget night, the King and his family from various regions of Lampung Pepadun will come to celebrate. Cangget is dancing, muli-mengenai (girls and sons descended from the king of Lampung Pepadun) and the kings will dance on Cangget night. In this party there is no dance for married women, so in this residency process I will investigate the role of married women on cangget night procession, why is there no dance for married women?, Are there limitations of expression for married women? ? How about the role of a married woman at the biggest party in Lampung Pepadun?

Ayu Permata SARI

Born in 1992 in Kotabumi, Northern Lampung, Ayu Permata Sari belongs to the Pepadun cultural group, one of the two playing indigenous groups in Lampung. She studied dance at the Indonesian Institute for the Arts (ISI) in Yogyakarta, majoring in choreography in 2010-2014, and continued to pursue a master's degree at ISI in 2014-2016. She was subsidized by Ayu Permata Dance Project as a way to stimulate and support her practice as well as that of her collaborators. In 2017, Ayu was selected for residency in Brussels (Belgium) as part of the Monsoon Europalia festival. The work “TubuhDang TubuhDut” became one of the works that appeared in the Showcase (the program name is Kampana for the young artist) at the Indonesia Dance festival (IDF) in 2018. In the same year, Ayu undertook a two-week residency at Dance Nucleus in the Singapore as part of her artistic research process and tested the piece at Jejak-Tabi Exchange in the Yogyakarta and Kuala lumpur edition. In 2019, the work “TubuhDang TubuhDut” was performed at Spielart Theater Festival in Munich, Germany. Between 2020 and 2021, Ayu joined in the Karakoa Project. In 2021, the work “Load?” was performed at Zurich spektakel Festival, Switzerland.






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