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"Lover" is a greedy project.

Lover is a greedy project. Not only do the greedy artists try to look into the feeling of being a mistress but also want to tackle the issue of the relation between Teresa Teng and the ROC government. Artists with too much ambition usually turn out making a hard mess.

There’s a common situation both mistresses and Teresa faced and that is they are all in a dilemma to leave or to stay. On the PTT Third-Person, there is a term called “graduation” meaning the woman/man finally gets out of the relationship among three people and graduates to be a better person. Also we can see the comments below are full of words of congratulation for surviving from the battlefield of love.

On the other hand, Teresa was very good at leaving Taiwan. According to the UDN newspaper from the 1970s to 1990s, the press kept tracing where Teresa was heading for and she was reported as a very successful singer with international reputation but she was always in nostalgia and her heart was closely connected with the motherland Republic of China. In the 1980s, the CD news (the propaganda media founded by the KMT party) also joined Teresa Teng’s fans club. The CD news praised Teresa’s patriotic actions and was in pain to see how busy Teresa was. They wished to keep Teresa in Taiwan if they could. In order to do so, the ROC government sometimes had to make things difficult for Teresa reluctantly.

(Gua Khee, Ching and I met via google meet)

On 3rd June, Gua Khee, Ching and I met online for the second meeting. Gua Khee asked two big questions when talking about the relationship between Teresa and the ROC government.

First, what is being patriotic?

I answered poorly. Every topic about “nation” is hard to be blunt and daring for Taiwan being an island with a very mixed interpretation of history. From the point of Taiwan history, there was a time when Taiwanese people were trained to be patriotic. If patriotism takes training meaning that people are not born to be patriotic. It is the land, culture or affection toward certain groups of people that make someone patriotic. Even under the democratic society of Taiwan, patriotism still takes time and by choice.

Second, what worries you the most in this project?

To be honest, this project is a matter of rubbing salt into someone’s wounds for mistresses and Teresa as well. Teresa is a sweet, beautiful and depoliticized legend. However, everything depoliticized is the expression of being highly politicized. As an artist, I am simply a coward. If someone were to point their fingers at me and blame me for creating emotional rift among Taiwanese people I could do nothing but smile in a most polite face.











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